Tony Frusciante
Think. Make. Do. Repeat.


Direct yet conceptual. Provocative and engaging. Design & illustration for brands, publications, and people.


My name is Tony Frusciante and I am a Creative Director with an Art Direction and Graphic Design background. Through my career I have worked at agencies large and small, on clients global and local, in locations domestic and foreign.


Often a conversation will come up about work-life balance. How did we start to prioritize work over life? Isn’t work a part of the act of living? All work and no play makes Tony a dull boy. It’s for this reason that I believe we all have two CV’s.



• Created work for hundreds of brands including: Nike, The NBA, Bank of America, Heineken, JetBlue, Merrell, Puma, Newsweek, and many more.

• Co-founded, designed, wrote, coded and art directed blog for the worlds #1 independent advertising agency, Wieden+Kennedy.

• Worked in advertising in several global markets including: San Francisco, Portland,
Boston, London, and Vietnam.

• Awarded and recognized for outstanding work by the Emmmy Awards, Webby awards,
Communication Arts and many more.

• Hiked over the Annapurna mountain range, alone, in Nepal for 30 days.

• Learned to scuba dive to overcome a crippling fear of open water.

• Designed a mountain bike that fits in a backpack, and traveled with it on planes, buses, taxi’s, tuk-tuks, elephants and canoes in Asia.

• Solo cycling trek across Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

• Went to California College of the Arts to study graphic design.

• Swam with a whale shark in the South China Sea off the coast of peninsular Malaysia.


• Strategic Thinking
• Brand Development
• Graphic Design
• Art Direction
• International Agency Experience

• Creative Leadership
• 19 years experience
• Projects in all forms of media
• We Mentality
• A.B.L. - Always Be Learning


Through my career, I have been fortunate to work with exceptionally gifted creative leaders, as well as others who were not prepared for the role. Both of whom I learned a lot from. When I was being led, the more empowered I felt with my work, the better I was able to develop my creative process and build ownership of what I was doing. Those stonger leaders were able to give feedback which actually mattered and made me better. These people made themselves available as much as possible and they also supported the team by getting their hands dirty.

Knowing how that process made me feel is what I put into my approach now as a leader. I make myself available to each person on our team by checking in with them outside of the scheduled group check-ins. This is helpful because it allows me to collaborate with them and really understand the challenges they have. I’m also able to give feedback without bogging down everyone else on a project with information they don’t need. Most importantly, this practice provides opportunities to talk to and understand how someone is doing overall with their needs and goals. Once I know what they need, I can figure out how I can help support them.

My mission is to provide creative direction and team leadership. I work from the idea that we manage things, and we lead people. If you are looking for someone to collaborate with who can help you expand your brand’s storytelling, inspire and deliver creative direction, and build a creative culture which ignites people to come alive, then let’s have a conversation.