Tony Frusciante
Think. Make. Do. Repeat.


Direct yet conceptual. Provocative and engaging. Design & illustration for brands, publications, and people.

Hello. My name is Tony Frusciante and I am a Creative Director with an Art Direction and Graphic Design background. Through my career I have worked at agencies large and small, on clients global and local in locations domestic and foreign.


Often we hear about or talk about work-life balance in regards to a job or workplace. Why do we prioritize work before life? All work and no play makes Tony a dull boy. So I have two CV’s. We all have two CV’s.



• Created work for hundreds of brands including: Nike, The NBA, Bank of America, Heineken, JetBlue, Merrell, Puma, Newsweek, and many more.

• Co-founded, designed, wrote, coded and art directed blog for the worlds #1 independent advertising agency, Wieden+Kennedy.

• Worked in advertising in several global markets including: San Francisco, Portland,
Boston, London, and Vietnam.

• Awarded and recognized for outstanding work by the Emmmy Awards, Webby awards,
Communication Arts and many more.

• Hiked over the Annapurna mountain range, alone, in Nepal for 30 days.

• Learned to scuba dive to overcome a crippling fear of open water.

• Designed a mountain bike that fits in a backpack, and traveled with it on planes, buses, taxi’s, tuk-tuks, elephants and canoes in Asia.

• Solo cycling trek across Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

• Went to California College of the Arts to study graphic design.

• Swam with a whale shark in the South China Sea off the coast of peninsular Malaysia.


• Strategic Thinking
• Brand Development
• Graphic Design
• Art Direction
• International agency experience

• Creative Leadership
• 19 years of Agency experience
• Wide range of completed projects in all media formats
• Openness to learn


Good managers, that I have had in the past, let me figure out the work I needed to do without micromanaging the way of doing of it. Those managers made themselves available to me regularly so I didn’t feel like I was driving in the dark without headlights.

I make myself available by going to people and checking in with them outside of scheduled group check-ins. This has seemed to be effective because I get a good view of the work in progress, I’m able to give feedback without bogging down the whole team, and I get to understand how that person is doing overall as a human being.

If you read this far, you deserve a handshake. Where is this information pointing? Creative Direction and team leadership. Giving direction on ideas is about the work. Management is about people. That is what I am here to do. If you are looking for someone to help you or your organization with brand storytelling, creative design and art direction, let’s have a conversation.