Tony Frusciante
Think. Make. Do. Repeat.


A vigilante Serial Huntress uses social media to help unravel clues to a series of murders perpetrated by the Infinity Killer.

The task of this project was to build excitement for the 5th season premiere of Showtime's acclaimed series DEXTER. Positioned to allow fans of the show interact and be a part of the game. Apealling to hardcore fans of the show and spiking with large scale events for general followers, the DEXTER premiere became Showtime's highest rated premiere to date.

A detailed overview of all events, riddles, clues and hacks has been archieved by one of the bigger fans of the ARG. Check out angelnorelations account here. Wired online also published a recap of the game events as seen here.


Video, Print, Digital, Social, Experience Installation, ARG, Transmedia Storytelling

The Webby Awards 2011 - People's Voice Awards - Winner
Best Street Marketing Campaign 2010 - LA Weekly
One Show Interactive Finalist: DEXTER Game On
SXSW Interactive Finalist: DEXTER ARG Kill Room
63rd Primetime Emmy Awards 2011: Dexter Game On

All atendees of ComicCon had a lanyard with the url DexterGameOn. This Game app allowed user to follow Dexter, so they thought, on a tour of ComicCon and San Diego. This app was built with SCVNGR and engaged audiences with different locations to visit and allowed them to kill thier friends by placing slash marks on thier face to be uploaded to a gallery. That was until a surprise location popped up on the map. Check the details in the video below.

An abandon office space in San Diego's Gaslamp District was the site of the Infinity Killers killroom. This was also the launch of something much bigger. It was the rabbit-hole for the entire ARG experience. Cryptic letters written backwards on mirrors challenged visitors to solve. Afterwhich they figured out to go to which was an online, avatat based sleep therapy site that our killer was recieving counselling from for sleep deprivation. This was only the beginning.

What followed next was an around the cloeck pursuit of the Infinity Killer by the Serial Huntress and her crowd sourced helpers. An exhausting trail of hacked servers, sleep therapy sessions, audio files of actual kills, riddles, mazes, clues left in real world locations around the country, a true hunt for the Infinity Killer/F8. The culmination of which ended with the season premiere of Dexter where our story was built into the show.


Behind the scenes from ComicCon